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Implementation of 3 Local Development Initiatives
October – December 2015
Beni Suef, Assiut, Luxor

Supporting public participation is one of the main components of Hanns Seidel Foundation’s work in Egypt. The foundation believes that the best way to raise the awareness and enhance public participation is through actual practice. Therefore, in continuation of the initiatives program started in this project phase, 3 further initiatives were implemented by the Nile Centers in Beni Suef, Assiut and Luxor with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation. undefinedMore

Guidelines for Local Development Initiatives

Within the framework of the cooperation project between the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the State Information Service and in order to reach a sustainability of the project’s achievements, the Hanns Seidel Foundation in cooperation with the Nile Centers organized a regional workshop for members of the Nile Centers together with their local partners from the civil society and local administration to present the content of a Manual on Participatory Local Initiatives, which will be published and distributed in the various governorates through the Nile Centers. undefinedMore

Annual Meeting of the Nile Centers
09 – 11.11.2015

The Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Nile Centers’ Headquarters organized together the “Annual Meeting of the Nile Centers 2015 - 2016” with a special program this year on the occasion of concluding the third phase of the current project “Nile Centers for Information, Education, & Training: An Instrument for Sustainable Development”. undefinedMore

Training of Trainers

26 – 29.10.2015
16 – 18.11.2015
Cairo – Leadership & Management Development Center
Training Workshop 

Within the framework of the capacity building program for the Nile Centers staff members and in order to achieve the principle of sustainability of the cooperation project, the second row of information specialists in the NCs were invited to participate in a TOT program in cooperation with the Leadership & Management Development Center.undefined More

Green Economy and Sustainable Development

08 – 10.09.2015
12 – 14.10.2015
Regional Workshop


The Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Nile Centers affiliated to the State Information Service are continuing to hold regional workshops for the staff members of the Nile Centers and their partners from the civic society and the local administration within the efforts to address sustainable development priorities with a participatory approach within an effective decentralized administration. The workshop aims at shedding light on ”Green Economy” being a common element between various fields of sustainable development; such as small economic enterprises, environmental protection,  rationalizing energy consumption and saving natural resources. undefinedMore

Strategic & Executive Planning

24 – 26.08.2015
Cairo – Leadership & Management Development Center
Training  Workshop

With the aim to ensure sustainability of the project’s achievements, both partners; the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Nile Centers affiliated to the State Information Service organized a training workshop for the executive staff members of the Nile Centers in order to raise their capacities on strategic planning, policies writing and how to prepare and implement an executive plan. undefinedMore

Decentralization and Local Development

The German Experience
26.07-01.08.2015 – State of Bavaria
Information Visit to Germany

A one-week visit to Germany was organized for seven selected members of the Nile Centers for Information, Education and Training located in various Egyptian Governorates to exchange experiences on concepts, methods and tools for implementing decentralization and enhancing public participation in local development, with the inclusion of marginalized community sectors, i.e. persons with disabilities.
Principles of the German Federal System governing decentralization and local self-administration were discussed in lectures at the headquarters of Hanns Seidel Foundation. undefinedMore

Decentralization Concepts & Applications:
German & Egyptian Experiences

17-21.05.2015 - Cairo

Training Workshop


As a conclusion of a series of training activities in Egypt to provide “Capacity Building for Nile Centers’ Staff Members on Decentralization” this workshop is presented as a know-how exchange activity on German–Egyptian experiences in the field of “Decentralization”.
The training program presented decentralization concepts and methods as well as the German experience along with the Egyptian view to the current status of decentralization in Egypt in order to allow the Nile Centers’ members to discuss ways to adapt German decentralization experiences to the Egyptian local administration system. This helps them to work further on promoting decentralization concepts and applications in their local communities.  undefinedMore