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Development Co-operation

In the Hanns Seidel Foundation’s concept of development policy, strengthening underlying social factors is regarded as just as important as promoting social political structures. In order to ensure sustainibility, the projects are designed in such a way that the countries or partner organizations can take them over themselves in the course of time.

In the headquartres, the international offices and projects are governed by the Institute for International Cooperation (IIC). IIC has been involved in international projects, with financial backing from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the European Union, the United Nations Development Fund (UNDEF), and other partners abroad. The IIC works throughout the world towards good governance, democracy, peace, the rule of law and sustainable development.

Beginning with the first development aid project in Togo in 1977, the Institute for International Co-operation has steadily expanded it‘s geographical and conceptual framework.  As per the 2009 statistsics, the foundation manages 93 projects worldwide in 62 different countries. The majority of the projects are concentrated on Asia, followed by Central, Eastern and South East Europe.

Development Cooperation Activities focused on the following:

  • Professional Development and Management Training: participation here was prioritised to target and primarily empower women
  • Socio-Political Adult Education and Civil Society activities
  • Involvement in the Creation of Organisational Structures of cooperatives, associations and guilds
  • Advancement of Administrative Structures and Engagement in the Creation of State Institutions particularly to further citizen- and performance-oriented administrations and through legal and administrative consultancy
  • Support of Rural Development and Improvement of Infrastructure