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Centre for Social Research (CSR)

Organisation:  Centre for Social Research is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in New Delhi. Established in 1983 in New Delhi, India, the Centre for Social Research (CSR) is dedicated to creating a violence-free, gender-just society through social research, capacity building and advocacy. CSR works to empower women and girls of India, guarantee their fundamental rights and increase understanding of social issues from a gender perspective. We operate on local, national and regional levels in an effort to enhance the capacities of individuals, communities and institutions for creating a humane, equitable and gender-just society.

For nearly three decades, Centre for Social Research has been a leader in the Indian women’s movement due to its unique, tri-fold position as an experienced facilitator of grassroots programmes and trainings; an esteemed research institute; and a lobbyist, advocate and advisor to government institutions.

Principles: Working towards gender justice in India means tackling a multitude of complex social, cultural and economic issues at the same time. Some of our key issue areas include but are not limited to: violence against women, pre-natal sex selection, engendered governance, women and economy and gender sensitisation for and mainstreaming within all sectors of society.

Centre for Social Research firmly believes that all people should bear equal rights, privileges and opportunities. We believe that women can be catalysts for and agents of social change, and that change itself is a gradual process. And we recognise that restructuring gender relations requires participation from all actors: women and men, young and old, grassroots to national levels, private and public institutions alike.

Activities / Co-operation with HSF: The aim of CSR’s activities  with  HSF  and  its  partner  SIDART is  to  develop  and  implement  a  pilot  training programme  to  educate  rural  communities  in  Rajasthan  about  the  impact  of  climate  change  and  best practices  pertaining  to  water  conservation. The  programme  will  emphasize  the  impact  of  these  issues have on women and their role in improving water management at the community level. The programme will be designed for replication in areas of similar environmental conditions.

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