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Society for Integrated Development Activities, Research & Training (SIDART)

Seminar on "Women Rights Issues"

SIDART is a voluntary organisation, which was formed in 1998 with a goal to improve the economic and social position of marginalised groups in urban slums and in the villages of the federal state of Rajasthan. Their special focus is on women and children.

Organisation: SIDART has its headquarters in Jaipur, the capital of the Indian federal state of Rajasthan. From Jaipur, it co-ordinates and controls all its activities in the rural areas. Sixteen co-workers, who have worked with different NGOs & other government organisations, constitute the staff of SIDART. An advisor is responsible for the execution of various seminars, co-ordination with Government in Jaipur, SIDART and HSF. SIDART is a decentralized organisation based on the principle of participatory style of leadership.

Principles: SIDART follows the guiding principle of “we aim to reach the unreachable” and is based on the principles of self-help. The idea behind is to bring forward all the possibilities, on how women can improve their life with their own power independently and permanently. The organisation within its framework, wants to make local knowledge and resources usable. It strives around the local financial and material support before falling back to the external help. The initiated projects are community based with an objective that they should sustain themselves and the community should take future ownership.

With relative simple means, SIDART succeeded to cover a broad spectrum of different fields of activities, even before starting co-operation with HSF. The activities in earlier years were installation of water pumps, promoting skills, setting up of informal training programmes for women and children to make them aware of HIV / AIDS, health campaigns for mine workers, environment protection and application oriented research. SIDART promotes women through specific awareness programmes on women rights and providing training for their personal, professional, financial and economic empowerment. In addition, SIDART supports small organisations led by women, builds self help groups and organises credits for women.

Activities / Co-operation with HSF: The aim of the HSF activities together with SIDART is spreading awareness, improvement of civic education / qualification of the selected target groups.

In co-operation with HSF, SIDART organises numerous workshops to acquaint and clarify women about their rights, supporting them to be mature & responsible citizens and moreover, motivating them to take the leading position in the society. The centre of activities are Panchayats where one third of the seats are reserved for women. It is here the cradle of Civic Education and democratic approaches of SIDART & HSF training can be seen.

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