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Centre for Security Analysis (CSA)

Seminar on "Conflict in Sri Lanka: Road Ahead"

CSA started its work in 2002 in Chennai as an independent not for profit think tank organisation for research and education in the field of Security. Within a short span of few years, CSA became a well renowned think tank and a platform of nation and international experts to exchange views.

Organisation: With its headquarters in Chennai, CSA operates nationwide and across the borders. It is one of the regional networks of Strategic Studies centre set up by the National Defence University, Washington DC. The committee is headed by the elected members.

Principles: CSA operates free of any political ideologies to create an independent awareness of security issues and involve the political process by providing analysis and studies. The main objectives are to contribute towards conflict resolution and peace keeping, activities in civil society to improve governance & security and support complex, multi-dimensional modern security discussion themes. In its approach and work CSA strongly addresses the national (Indian) security interests.

The main activities of CSA consists of organising dialogue programmes with international participation in India and in other countries, publications on security issues dealing with peace and conflict research, civil society and leadership (governance), transnational dimensions of terrorism, security issues & relations in south Asia. CSA publishes books, articles, bulletins and has its own internet blog on current security issues called “Security Watch”. A special regional focus is on ASEAN & SAARC and its security.

Activities / Co-operation with HSF:
The aim of the HSF activities together with CSA is to support the national and international dialogue programmes in civil security and welfare sectors.

Together with HSF, since 2004, CSA organises seminar addressing the above stated issues with International participation. Special lectures are conducted by CSA in the universities and other institutions addressing the young audience with an objective to make them aware and informed.

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