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Delhi Policy Group (DPG)

Seminar on "Nuclear Non-proliferation & Disarmament"

DPG was formed in 1994. Over the years, it has become a renowned and effective think tank organisation in Delhi, which predominantly is active in political security issues.

Organisation: The office of the DPG is located in Delhi at India Habitat Centre where many other renowned organisations are situated working in the field of Politics, Economics, Energy & Culture. The permanent staff of DPG consists of two directors, two research assistants and a secretary. For specific issues, DPG forms working groups from a pool of more than 200 intellectuals in the Indian capital and more than 100 persons outside Delhi.

Principles: DPG acts as an independent organisation without any inclination towards any political party or ideology. Their goal is to find unbiased answers for critical questions in the national interest. Their academic work on security and conflict questions is coined / shaped by practical considerations and pragmatic strategies.

The major activities consist of organising seminars and programmes with international participation in India and other countries including publications on security issues, which range from peace to research on conflicts. The titles of their past activities / seminars are:

  • Afghanistan Today
  • Strategic Situation in West Asia Today
  • Pakistan in Flux
  • India's Evolving National Security Strategy
  • Nuclear Non Proliferation & Disarmament

Fields of Activity / Co-operation with HSF: The aim of the HSF activities together with DPG is to support the national and international dialogue programmes in civil security and welfare sectors.

DPG & HSF seminars focus on the relations with the neighbouring countries of Pakistan & Afghanistan. Since 2004, seminars with HSF are accomplished with international participations.

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