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Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)

Cutting & Tailoring Programme for the Women from Rural Areas

YWCA is active in more than 120 countries world-wide and brings more than 25 million women together. In India, YWCA dates back to 1875 when the first local association was established in Mumbai. YWCA of Delhi working at a local level was affiliated to the national YWCA movement in 1912. Now it has a national network of over 81 local associations. In Delhi, the association has its own Institute of Management & Professional Training, a hostel for employed women and a guest house for visitors. YWCA in Delhi has more than 160 employees.

Principles: The YWCA Delhi works at the local level according to the principles of ecumenism. Independent of the nationality, caste & creed, social & economic status the women and girls are supported so that they can take part in all the processes of society as full and equal members. YWCA strives to adapt to the changing needs of the society in a constantly changing world.

YWCA Delhi promotes vocational training among women especially enhancing the skills of already employed women. Moreover, YWCA in the Delhi region undertakes extensive urban and rural development projects in the field of health awareness, vocational training, family counselling, human rights, environment protection and security. YWCA strives to take measures for further skill enhancement of its employees.

Fields of Activity / Co-operation with HSF: The aim of the HSF activities together with YWCA is the improvement in managerial capacity and vocational qualification of selected target groups.

After a small phase of stagnation, the association utilized its co-operation with HSF to further train the instructors from their management institute in the field of planning & logframe, motivation & steps toward higher efficiency. Parallel, programmes were also initiated and conducted for internal YWCA & NGO employees on different subjects of management like financing & book keeping.

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