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Hanns Seidel Foundation
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Our work in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

The Hanns Seidel Foundation began its project work in Israel in 1979 and in the Palestinian Territories in 1994. During the period of the Foundation’s activity in the area, different priorities were set depending on the changing political situation in the region. However, our key objective has always been to strengthen and empower the civil society in Israel and the Palestinian Territories on a societal, local and regional level.

On a societal level this means building a shared society. The HSF office promotes mutual understanding and inter-community relations among members of different groups in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. This is attained through projects and conferences that aim at bridging socio-economic, religious and ethnic differences, as well as providing a platform for cultural exchange and cooperation.

On a local level the HSF encourages civic democratic participation. This is achieved by improving the communication and cooperation between the citizens and the authorities. Furthermore, we place great importance on cultivating young leaders, who will become active on a community, municipal and national level. We believe that an active civil participation is the key to strengthening the democratic structures in Israeli and Palestinian societies.

On a regional level, the HSF promotes regional cooperation. Given that the environment is shared by all neighboring nations, our main aim is to foster a transnational understanding and cooperation via nature conservation and various environmental projects. This is achieved through our educational and awareness workshops, our exchange visits as well as our regional conferences.


In cooperation with local partner organizations, we organize and support workshops and projects, conferences and publications on:

undefinedShared Society

undefinedDemocratic Participation

undefinedRegional Cooperation