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Seoul, 04419, Republic of Korea
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Flyer: Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea

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Factsheet: Sustainable Reforestation

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Factsheet: Transboundary Nature Cooperation - Wetlands

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EU-Project: Improvement of Rural Living Conditions

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Booklet: Our Work in 2016 - In the Field of Forestry

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Booklet: Our Work in 2016 - In the Field of Wetlands and Birds

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Politische Studien Nr. 470 mit dem Fokus „Die Zukunft der NATO“
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Seminare 2017
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09/18/2017 -  In the course of an information gathering tour in Germany with the topic “Election System and Political Education in Germany” eight members of the Election Commission of the city of Gwangju visited on Monday, September 18th the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich. undefined more...

09/18/2017 - The Ulsan University is an especially in technical areas strongly set university in the industrial and shipyard town Ulsan that is like Daegu and Seoul a province-free city with the status of a province (similar to German cities Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin). undefined more...

09/18/2017 – On September 12th 2017 at the Seoul National University (SNU) a conference with the title “Psycho-social Aspects of Division and Unification” was held. Organized by the Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea (HSF) nine experts discussed their experiences and projects. undefined more...

09/18/2017- Since October 2015, Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea is carrying out a project on sustainable reforestation in North Korea. The project is funded by the European Union and has a focus on capacity building, institutional strengthening and the extension of the scientific network of the North Korean forestry sector. undefined more...

09/08/2017 - In Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 6 to 7, 2017, the Asia-Europe Environmental Forum, co-organized by Hanns Seidel Foundation, Asia Europe Foundation, the ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center, Seoul, and the Institute for Global Environmental....undefined more...

09/08/2017 - Sustainable development needs political decisions, but also sound financing mechanism. Without these, in particular developing countries will not be able to implement the sustainable development goals (SDG). Business as usual is no longer possible. undefined more...

07/09/2017 - The 12th Tongil-Hankook-Forum took place on August 16th from 2pm to 5 pm in the Alumni-Club of the Kyung-Hee-University. The title of the forum was: “A Vicious Cycle of Provocation-Sanctions, and the Plan for a New Economic Roadmap in the Korean Peninsula”. undefined mehr...

09/07/2017 - The 11th Tongil-Hankook Forum was hosted at the Diamond Hall of the Grand Hilton Hotel on July 20, 2017 from 2-5pm. The title of the forum was: “Launch of North Korea’s intercontinental missiles – How could South Korea become dominant with its North Korea policy?”. undefined more...

09/06/2017 - Baegnyeong Island is the most western island of South Korea. It is located in the Yellow Sea, circa 15 kilometers from the coast of the North Korean province Hwanghae-namdo. undefined more...

09/05/2017 - The Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea (HSF) is very pleased to announce the upcoming conference on “Psycho-social aspects of division and unification”, which will be hosted in cooperation with the Research Institute of Human Ecology.. undefined more...

09/01/2017 - For the 7th time, the Rason International Trade exhibition took place in Rason, DPR Korea. Domestic and international exhibitors, mostly from China, presented their goods and services to local visitors.  undefined  more...