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Reiner Stommel honoured by the German Government

He realised his vision of a good education for all Namibians with the establishment of the Otjikondo School Village Foundation.  The school village was built with the financial support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) and the German Government. The first children could move into the school village in 1991.

The orginal idea, to give training to the teachers of the rather underdeveloped Kunene Region was extended to a countrywide management programme for school principals.
Namibia inherited a very unequal education system from the South African administration. Since independence all kind of efforts are made to improve the education system and its results; the annual budget allocation is regularly more than 20%.

Almost 700 principals participated in an eighteen months training programme to improve their middle management skills as part of the Government policy to uplift the Namibian education system. The Ministry of Education regularly acknowledged the achievement of the training programme funded by the HSF.  

The Otjikondo School Village wants to show that education can also be successful in a very unpleasant environment. Part of the success s the rather holistic approach, which also includes the training of practical skills.

The Otjikondo School Village is a show piece in the country and for the HSF. There is nothing comparable – the results are mainly based on the achievements and commitment of all stakeholders involved.

Almost 240 children are currently enrolled at the primary school. All learners have to stay in the hostel to guarantee the success of the education.

The school is the best primary school in Kunene Region with a huge gap to the runner-up. At national level the schools is under the five best performing schools.

What makes the achievement even more remarkable is the unequal financial support coming from the Government. Private hostels only receive appr. 30% of amount, which is given to hostels run by the Government.   

The engagement of Reiner Stommel for the development of the country and Otjikondo in particular are more than unique.

The HSF has with Reiner Stommel as chairman of the Otjikondo School Village Foundation a partner, who is committed, open-minded visionary. We will continue our support to Otjikondo, in order to ensure continuity.  

We therefore join the congratulation for the presentation of the “Cross of the Order of Merit of Federal Republik of Germany” to Reiner Stommel.