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Launch of Youth Dialogue Platform “Conscious Citizens"

Uta Staschewski (HSF)
Patrick Sam (NID)
Engaged Youth
Simon Taapopi (Youth Activist)
Andrew Nuunyango (Student Leader, UNAM)

Define your ideal Conscious Citizen! The discussion moderated by Rakkel Andreas, Hanns Seidel Foundation, focused on the following questions in order to give the Namibian youth a chance to debate:

  • What are the challenges to conscious citizenry? 
  • How will you address the challenges citizens face today?
  • What is your ideal future for Namibia?

The choice of speakers gave a variant group of Namibian citizens the chance to sit on the panel. The event had the objective to be a networking opportunity for Namibian youth and to encourage young adults to discuss socio-economic and political issues.

The Panel discussion was attended by five speakers and a moderator, namely:

Mr Carl Pesat, a youth entrepreneur. He is a former Student leader from the University of Namibia and studied Political Science. Mr Pesat has been involved in University Debates and has gone as far as to adjudicate at international competitions. He is also a coach for the Highs Schools, National debating team.

Ms Sylvia Schlettwein, a lecturer at the International University of Management (IUM). She is one of Namibia’s few female authors and has published a book titled “Bullies, Beasts and Beauties”, a collection of short stories co-authored with Isabella Morris. Ms Schlettwein grew up around Politics and has a sincere interest in the future of the Namibian youth, especially the involvement of German-Namibian youth in current issues.

Ms Josy Nghipandua, a local presenter who rose to fame after presenting the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA) earlier this year. She has a degree in law and is currently pursuing a second degree in Media. She is also a former debate giant and has won various debate competitions in Africa.

Mr Simon Taapopi, a Political Science Student at the University of Namibia. Simon is the former Junior Mayor of Swakopmund and a Namibian Youth Parliamentarian. Simon represents a different group of Namibian youth, fresh in University and with big dreams to make meaningful impact on socio-economic and political issues.

Mr Patrick Sam, a program coordinator, with an MA in International Education Development, specializing in Policy and Planning.  Sam also an anchor on the Good Morning Namibia show on Namibia Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC), a social entrepreneur as well as a creative director at Spoken Word (Poetry Bi-monthly event). 

Overall the platfrom was well recieved by Namibian youth and is open to dialogue collaboration with youth organisations and individuals with vested intrest in youth issues.