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Namibian youth analyses the 2014-2015 national budget

Namene Kalili (FNB Namibia) pictured with the Namibian Youth
Klaus Schade (IPPR) interacts on national budget with youth
The Panel

The annual announcement of the National Budget by the Ministry of finance is a topic of immense interest to Namibian youth, who gathered in great numbers to participate in the discussions on the 2014/2015 National Budget at the University of Namibia.

There were presentations and panel discussions by:

  • Klaus Schade (IPPR)
  • Jeremiah Ntinda (AMICAALL)
  • Namene Kalili (FNB Namibia)
  • Prof John Nyambe (UNAM) 
  • John Nakuta (NamRIGHTS)

Klaus Schade, representing IPPR, introduced the approved National Budget for 2014/2015. Each of the four panelists was given time to present their views on whether and how the Budget would impact on poverty, job creation, housing, education, health and other economic challenges facing young Namibians.

The debate and subsequent social gathering were well attended with about 140 participants, mostly from the UNAM student community.