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Adv. Thulisile Madonsela addressing Namibian Women in Leadership

Adv. Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector of South Africa
Mia Davids, Omayambeko - Media & Events
Daisry Mathias, Team Namibia
Adv. Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector of South Africa
Dr. Becky Ndjoze-Ojo, Deputy Minister of Higher Education & Innovation with Nicole Bogott
Adv. Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector of South Africa with Mia Davids, Omayambeko - Media & Events
Adv. Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector of South Africa, Mia Davids, Omayambeko - Media & Events & Nicole Bogott, HSF

Namibia does not only share borders with South Africa through the Northern and Western Cape provinces. The strong relations between the two countries include an inclusive constitutional democracy founded on social justice. 

Advocate Thulisile Nomkosi Madonsela fondly known as “South Africa’s Iron Lady” is the  first woman that has been appointed as the Public Protector of South Africa. She contributed internationally to drafting key documents such as the Beijing+ 5 and WCAR outcomes documents as well as several country human right reports. Having won the Transparency International Integrity Award 2014 and gaining the honoary doctorate at Stellenbosch and Rhodes University emphasize her extraordinary reputation in African society.

Recently, Namibia witnessed for the first time the swearing in of its first female Prime Minister Hon. Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila as well as of its Deputy Prime Minister, who is also a woman. With 42% representative seats of women in the parliament of the Republic of Namibia, it is an indication that the governing party is committed in unequivocally implementing the principle of 50-50 regarding gender inclusivity.

Advocate Madonsela urged Namibian women at the breakfast to learn from women who paved the way to leadership through courage and integrity. “Women in societies are faced with many challenges on a daily basis, which includes gender inequality and sexism as well. However, with courage and integrity there is no reason for women to struggle with issues of leadership. Leading with integrity and courage often simply means leading our companies with or organization ethically, ensuring there is no maladministration, corruption or malfeasance.” were Advocate Madonsela's words.

Advocate Madonsela indicated that with the likes of Dr. Albertine Amadhila, who is one of the selfless female leaders in Namibia, there is no reason for women leaders to struggle with issues of courage and integrity. Dr. Libertina Amathila, the former Deputy Prime Minister, and the first African women successfully completed the medical studies abroad and is owner of the ‘Medal for Bravery and Long Service’, which is the highest award of the SWAPO. Advocate Madonsela said that the story of Dr. Amadhila reminds her of several women in South Africa she grew up looking up to. “Yes, the challenges that they faced during their time as women leaders are a far cry from what we go through but I am certain that from their experiences, we can draw lessons that we can use to navigate the difficulties we go through.“ said Advocate Madonsela.

Among the participants of the breakfast were: The High Commissioner of the Republic of South Africa to Namibia, Her Excellency Myakayaka-Manzini,  Dr. Becky Ndjoze-Ojo, who is Deputy Minister of Higher Education & Innovation, Hon. Agnes Tjongarero Deputy Minister of Sport Youth & National Services, Deputy Minister in the office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Christine //Hoebes, Hon. Maureen Hinda Deputy Minister of International Relations & Cooperation, Hon. Rev. Aino Kapewangolo Deputy Minister of Ministry of Poverty Eradication & Social Welfare, Hon. Lidwina Shapwa Deputy Minister of Justice and Hon. Lucia Witbooi the Deputy Minister of Gender Equality & Child Welfare.

The business breakfast was facilitated by Daisry Mathias, CEO of Team Namibia. It served as a platform to raise awareness on a variety of topics that are important and essential to Namibian women and society. The breakfast highlighted the need of Namibian women to step up and lead with courage and integrity. The discussion from Advocate Thulisile Madonsela evoked a call for action for Namibian Women to be encouraged to lead in all spheres of influence.

The women’s breakfast was co-hosted by Hanns Seidel Foundation in collaboration with Omayambeko Media and Events. 

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