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HSF conducts training with Youth Group in Rundu

The Frans Dimbare Youth Skills Training Centre helps to organize youth activities and organizes trainings to educate young people in rural areas of Namibia. They organised a three day training conducted by the HSF on the topic of financial responsibility and financial literacy. 

Throughout the workshop participants were trained in setting financial goals and defining their own financial status, encouraging them to rather be planners than non-planners. 

Training Consultant & Courses Facilitator Ndemufayo “Chicken” aimed to engage the participants in being aware and critical about their own financial situation. This should help them to become financially responsible and independent, preventing them from following a vicious life cycle. To achieve this he took the participants through the first three steps of the 15-module financial literacy programme. Throughout being trained on these three steps, the participants were also encouraged to apply their newly gathered knowledge in various relevant and interactive group exercises. 

After three cheerful and very informative days of training, the participants had gathered new insights and knowledge about how to realize their own financial status and had gained a new set of skills in entrepreneurship. The organizer Mr. Thomas Kamushambe, Regional Senior Youth Officer in Rundu, and all participants expressed their gratitude to the HSF for organising the training about financial literacy and encouraged further cooperation.