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HSF partners on simulation platform to promote innovation in Namibia

AddVenture is an effort towards raising support for local entrepreneurs with local ideas from the private and public sector alike. The ultimate aim is to groom and capacitate entrepreneurs with the necessary skills as a means of positively contributing to local economic growth and sustainable development. 

The Keynote address at the event was presented by Mr Lazrus Jacobs, Director of Marketing from Paragon Investments who stated that “entrepreneurship is an equalizer and starting a business  should be because you want to solve a problem, not necessarily make money” as motivation for local entrepreneurs . He demystified the notion that entrepreneurs need to have a lot of money to start-up businesses by encouraging them to “start with what they know and have at their disposal”. 

The objectives of the simulation event was to build and support sustainable local development whilst inspiring aspiring youth entrepreneurs towards cultivating a culture of innovation as well as to provide networking opportunities for participants and potential investors.

The Addventure concept was launched on the 6th of May 2015 and was a resounding success with over 6 million Namibian dollars pledged to support local entrepreneurs. The platform offers local entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their innovative and locally developed products to potential investors and business support organization, in a bid to secure funding, access to facilities, equity or shareholding and other support services that can stimulate business growth. Through this platform local industry experts were invited to explore local Namibian business opportunities and engage on this facilitated platform aimed at capacitating local business, in line with the National Development Plan and ultimately Vision 2030 of the Republic Of Namibia.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation is a staunch supporter of the efforts of local organisations towards the efforts of the Namibian government towards sustainable economic development, hence the successful collaboration on “Addventure”.