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Namibian youth taking local action for global impacts

Youth leaders that set up local initiatives urged Namibian youth to participate in the challenge to place Namibia on the global map. The president of AIESEC Mr. Tobias Mészáros shared an important opportunity to bring student' voices together so that their opinions and ideas, whether they be on education or other issues, were heard widely. He said: 'If you want to develop Namibia, you have to take initiative in order to go globally." According to him it is the youth that is to bring change in societies because they are the future leaders. AIESEC is the world's largest youth-led network creating positive impact through personal development and shared global experiences. 

Speaking at a symposium on mentoring youth, Tanyaradzwa Daringo, who is a young Namibian woman to have been awarded the "Young Queen's Leaders Award Recipient" by the Queen of England for her local efforts that impacted the world, urged young people to network in order to grow as leaders and to be mentored. The 30 year old born Zimbabwean but raised in Namibia, is also the co-founder of Her Liberty Namibia, a young woman led non-profit organization in Namibia aimed at empowering and developing young women and by personal and leadership development, social and economic empowerment as well as self-esteem and confidence building. She called on young people to arm themselves with the skills to better manage their projects in order to increase their skills globally. 'I seek to build self-confidence that is so contagious it's passed from young women to women", Tanya said.

The Generation of African Intellectuals' Trust (GAIT) and the International Mirabilis Model United Nations (Imiramun) also called for more impacts from the youth "today no matter where you are, you can make an impact" they stated. IMIRAMUN is set to be Namibia's first ever International model United Nations debate summit to take place next year and to simulate a dynamic range of UN committees, targeted towards addressing issues of international and regional importance. Model United Nations (MUN) is the single most popular academic international event in the world for young leaders, with over 150 Model United Nations across the world. Whilst, GAIT is a platform that advances co-operation between bright students, entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists in Africa; to collaborate in technological innovation, leadership development, implementation of Agricultural and Environmental conservation projects, social development campaigns and idea exchanges in innovative entrepreneurship for the betterment of underprivileged African communities and third world countries.

Accomplished youth came together to speak on the topic: Local efforts, global impacts. They highlighted their local youth initiatives and communicated on their global vision. The panelists encouraged young Namibians to initiate or participate in local projects. At the end of the event Namibia's youth was inspired to dream big and endeavour to spearhead local projects with global impacts. Young people who attended the dialogue were encouraged to take an active role in taking up visions and to expand their pool of network to be Namibian's future leaders.