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Student life is more than University

During the Power Talk students had the opportunity to share their experience of university life with the audience. Throughout the evening different talks were given by enthusiastic and dedicated students, who are organizing community projects, who are involved in student politics or who are being innovators in their communities or on campus. Students were challenged to think more creatively and were encouraged to change the world around them. The speakers called upon students to be on the forefront of innovation and to think and act proactively. Committing to volunteer work or pursuing internships while studying was emphasized as being essential for personal development.

Speakers motivating and sharing their stories with the young audience included Ms.  Tanyaradzwa Daringo, who received an award as a Queen's Young Leader by the Queen of England, Mr. Vincent Shimutwikeni, UNAM Students Representatives Council President who spoke on youth activism and mainly focused on the Land a dollar campaign, Ms. Tikhala Itaye, Co-chair of AfriYAN Namibia who spoke on youth and health and Mr. Michael Nauta the Founder of Shapumba Plasma who shared his views about how young people can become innovators. 

In fact, university life can be a vital experience for a young person. It provides young people with an opportunity to gather new insights through following academic courses and engaging with professors and other students. Apart from this, university life provides access to a range of different projects and unique opportunities. All of the different Speakers encouraged students to start sharing their ideas. They should create awareness about realizing given opportunities among other students, their friends or their communities.

The Power Talks focusing on the topic of Student life is more than university provided the attentive audience with an overview of extracurricular and social activities they can engage with and invest in while going to university. All of the speakers emphasized that the chance of changing or achieving something does not depend upon having certain qualifications. It is based on willingness, belief in oneself and having an innovative mind. Already while studying, students must start experiencing life outside of university. Students must share their experiences, their ideas and their perspectives, as their input is unique and vital for society.