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Dinner on the Compilation of the National Accounts

All guests gather for the dinner.
EAN members discuss.
EAN members posing for the camera.

The presentation on GDP compilation was a topic of immense interest to EAN members, who gathered in numbers to participate in the discussions to have an understanding on the economic discourse and knowledge of compilation National Accounts data.

Mr. Titus Kamatuka, Senior Statistician National Accounts at the Namibia Statistics Agency, was the key speaker and gave a presentation on the compilation of the national accounts. Mr Kamatuka laid emphasis on the importance of national accounts reflecting the picture of the country’s economy. 

Therefore, the national account tends to provide accurate information based on true assumptions, which reflect the economy of the country. Mr Kamatuka further cautioned that the national accounts do not provide relevant information to economists only, but are rather important to politicians especially when it comes to the effectiveness in the implementation of economic programmes and policies.

At the end of the event participants had the possibility to exchange ideas and network in a more informal setting, which showed great success. EAN members expressed their gratitude to HSF as well as to EAN for organising the event and encouraged further cooperation.