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Encouraging the Reporting of Corruption

Paulus Noa, ACC
Nicole Bogott, HSF
Graham Hopwood, IPPR

Part of the Harambee Prosperity Plan includes the Whistleblowers Protection Act, which shall be enacted in September 2016. According to Graham Hogwood from IPPR the act of whistleblowing shall encourage accountability as well as transparency to strengthen the efforts of good governance.

The Whistleblowers Protection Act is in the interest of the public. As whistleblowers may reveal important and beneficial information to the public, they also have to face risks and costs, such as redundancy or harassment at work. Therefore, the protection of whistleblowers in order to avoid victimisation is a major concern for the establishment of the prevention of corruption.  

Not only the public sector is disordered by corruption. Also the private sector seeks a culture of confidence so that employees may report grievances. Deloitte for instance sets up mechanisms to encourage whistleblowers and to guarantee their protection in order to demonstrate the company’s accountability to their clients and to enhance their reputation. 

Following the presentations of Paulus Noa from the Anti-Corruption Commission the audience was interested in hearing more on the way to deal with false accusations. Paulus Noa emphasised the importance of civil society and the media to prevent corruption. The establishment of the bill is therefore accompanied by public consolidations in order to include society in the process of embedding a new law.