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HSF & FLI host another second training to CHANGE

Mr. Francois Brand, Manager of the FLI Secretariat
Students during the workshop
Student expressing her gratitude to the hosting organisations

“Be wise” was the main theme of the training, with the aim of training CHANGE’ students on becoming wise when it comes to taking charge of their financial goals and drawing up budgets for their start-ups. The training was carried out by Mrs. Kristi Nghikembwa-Sheenama, and sought to highlight the importance of financial literacy within a business context.  It covered 13 modules which include; Introduction to Business, Costing and pricing, Financial Planning, Bookkeeping, Flow Projections, Namibia’s Financial Service Sector, Banking and the Impact of Your Business on the Economy. 

CHANGE is one of HSF’s partners in Namibia, and it is a non-governmental organisation that supports the democratic concepts of rehabilitation and equal opportunity in Namibia. Through a combination of booklets and classroom-style worksheets, the workshop furthermore sought to create a sense of awareness about good and responsible practices for businesses.

On the 3rd day, Mr. Francois Brand, Manager of the FLI Secretariat, and Dr. Clemens von Doderer, Head of Office of HSF Namibia awarded certificates to students and encouraged them to take what they learn during the training and put into practice. The students also expressed their gratitude to the hosting partners and shared with the team on how they will use the skills they learned in starting up their business.