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Good Governance

Advancement of democratic and constitutional structures as well as “good governance” and economic development are in the focus of the work of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Namibia. The Hanns Seidel Foundation, in close cooperation with its partners, has actively supported the development of a democratic society and the economic performance in Namibia since 1978.

Measures: Publications
We support the government of Namibia in the fight against corruption through information and sensibilization in our workshops and by financing the monthly publication "Corruption Tracker" that informs about recent cases of corruption and the follow-up of previous cases. Furthermore we have a close cooperation with the undefinedAnti-Corruption Commission (ACC). In addition to this the HSF funds regular undefinedpublications.

Aims and Objectives
To promote the rule of law and in Namibia the Hanns Seidel Foundation cooperates with stakeholders from government, businesses and civil society to promote awareness of the principles of the rule of law  in order to strengthen political and economic sustainability.

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Contact & Further Information
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IPPR: “Nothing to disclose” shortcomings of asset declarations

According to the report launched by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) at the House of Democracy on the 11th of August 2016, it indicates that only a small number of public servants disclose their assets in Namibia. During the Presentation, Max Weylandt, IPPR’s Research Associate said that although the movement towards public asset declarations is gathering steam, many of the officials still remain reluctant to disclose their assets. undefinedRead more here

Encouraging the Reporting of Corruption

Together with the Institute of Public Policy Research the HSF organised an event on the 9th of June 2016 titled: Encouraging the Reporting of Corruption. Paulus Noa, Director of the Anti-Corruption Commission, attended the event to speak on the topic of Whistleblower Protection. undefinedRead more here 

Video on introducing the "Civics Academy"

Learn more on free video and audio content aiming to inform and to strengthen democratic values and responsible citizenship. undefinedWatch video

An Analysis of Geingob’s first year in office

The 21st of March 2016 officially marked the first year since Dr. Hage Geingob was officially sworn into office as the President of the Republic of Namibia. Hence, on the 17th of March 2016, the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) together with its partners, the Namibian newspaper, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), and the Finnish Embassy to Namibia held a panel discussion. undefinedRead more here

Namibia commemorates the International Women’s Day

On the 7th of March 2016, women from various walks of life gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day. The conference which was co-hosted by the Hanns Seidel Foundation, House of Women, Sister Namibia and the Namibia Institute for Democracy, coincided with International Women’s Day which is marked on the 8th of March every year. undefinedRead more here

HSF & NID kick-off Political Party Capacity Building Programme

Since February of 2016, the Hanns Seidel Foundation has in co-operation with its partner the Namibia Institute for Democracy implemented a programme titled ‘Political Party Capacity Building’ aimed at all members of Namibia’s political parties. undefinedRead more here

Commemorating the International Anti-Corruption Day

On the 9th of December 2015 the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) together with the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) and the Namibia Institute of Public Administration & Management (NIPAM) hosted a seminar on effective ways to break the corruption chain in commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2015. undefinedRead more here

Turning vision into reality: Namibia's long-term development outlook

Using the International Futures (IFs) forecasting system, this paper first presents a plausible long-term population forecast for Namibia. This forecast is then used to assess key targets from the National Development Plan (NDP4) and Vision 2030, Namibia’s long-term development strategy. undefinedISS Paper

Video on Namibia's long-term development outlook

Learn more about the assessment of key targets from the National Development Plan (NDP4) and Vision 2030, Namibia’s long-term development strategy. undefinedWatch video here

President Hage Geingob’s first 100 days in Office

On the 29th of June 2015 the Hanns Seidel Foundation in collaboration with the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR), the Namibian Newspaper and the Finish Embassy co-hosted a panel discussion on President Hage Geingob’s first 100 days as President of Namibia. undefined Read more here

The status of electoral integrity in Africa

On 22 June, the Electoral Integrity Project (EIP), in partnership with the Hanns Seidel Foundation, launched a report titled Electoral Integrity in Africa. This report is the first by the EIP to present findings of the study of electoral integrity in a specific region, in this case, Africa, a continent of great diversity whose elections are under-studied in comparison with Europe or America. undefinedRead more here

ACC Conference: Building an Honest Namibia together

Held under the theme ‘Building an Honest Namibia Together: People, Integrity and Action’, the Anti Corruption Conference brought together a variety of actors. The conference was organized by the Anti Corruption Commission, from the 22-24 of June, to present and develop the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan. undefinedRead more here

Anti-Corruption Act

The Anti-Corruption Act serves to establish the Anti-Corruption Commission and provide for its functions; to provide for the prevention and punishment of corruption; and to make provision for matters connected therewith. Anti-Corruption Act

Conscious Citizens discuss gender-based violence in Namibia

The topic of gender based violence has been a particularly pressing one in Namibia in the past years. The youth platform Conscious Citizens addressed it in its latest gathering, which took place on the 14th of April 2015 in Windhoek. undefinedRead more here

Corruption Conference in Namibia

The Corruption Conference in Namibia was themed “Breaking the Corruption Chain” and took place at the Hilton Hotel, on the 9th of December 2014 in Windhoek. undefinedRead more here

HSF observes Namibian Presidential and National Assembly elections

November 28th 2014 marked Namibia’s 5th Presidential and National Assembly Elections. This was the first time that Namibians voted with Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), branding the country of over 2 million citizens the first to vote electronically on the continent of Africa. undefinedRead more here

Detecting and Deterring Electoral Fraud and Malpractices in Africa

The Hanns Seidel Foundation and its local partner, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) co-hosted a conference on Detecting and Deterring Electoral Fraud and Malpractices in Africa in Windhoek, Namibia from 12-15 of May 2014 . undefinedRead more here

Corruption Tracker

Insight Magazine publishes the Corruption Tracker every other month. The Hanns Seidel Foundation supports this initiative. Follow the link to undefinedfind out more about the Corruption Tracker.