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Anti-Corruption Commission
P.O. Box 23137
Windhoek,  Namibia
Dr Frans Indongo Gardens
19 Dr Frans Indongo Street
Windhoek,  Namibia
Tel. +2674 61 370600 | Fax + 264 61 300 952

Anti-Corruption Commission

The Anti-Corruption Commission was established in 2006 after the passing of the Anti-Corruption Act in 2003. It was established as Namibia’s leading authority in the fight against corruption. 

Through the Act, the ACC’s core functions are to investigate matters constituting corruption, to educate the public on corruption and enlist their support in combating corruption and to examine practices, Systems and procedures of public and private bodies that facilitate the discoverz of corrupt practices in Namibia.

Cooperation between the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Anti Corrupion Commission: