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10th Thandaung Gyi Tourism Development Working Group (TTDWG) Meeting

Participants of the 10th TTWDGM

On the 13th of July 2017 a meeting was held in the beautiful Thandaung Gyi with the TTDWG, the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Myanmar and Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute (MRTI).

Thandaung Gyi as an emerging tourism destination has gone a long way already. Today, about 4 years after the word “tourism” has reached the mountain resort for the first time, there are many local entrepreneurs involved in the tourism sector. In the township, there are eight bed and breakfast accommodations and several restaurants and shops that benefit from national and international tourism. Tourists in Thandaung Gyi enjoy the fresh and cold air, the calmness, the stunning view from the top of the Prayer Mountain, hikes and friendly locals.

Leander Ketelhodt, Program Manager Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Myanmar gave valuable input during the TTWDGM. He emphasized the importance of those regular meetings and expressed his joy that Thandaung Gyi is increasingly becoming more attractive to tourists. That is to one large extent the accomplishment of the TTWDGMs.

For the further development and to ensure inclusiveness, regular meetings in Thandaung Gyi are crucial. Among other things, the meeting on the 13th of July covered the topics ‘Product Development and Enhancement’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Training’, ‘Tourism Data and Statistics’. Outcomes of the meeting are the agreement on a new mapping project to map trails and key sites in and around Thandaung Gyi. Together with signage along the trails it will substantially improve the tourist experience. Fostered also through the fact that Thandaung Gyi was recently added to Tripadvisor. Hence more people may stop by in Thandaung Gyi to encounter its unique beauty. Further recommendations and regular updates by travelers in Myanmar are to be expected.

Local Residents during the Meeting. They encounter increased popularity of their township.

In the meeting good news were shared: Due to the increased number of tourists new job opportunities arise: Members of the community plan to develop new souvenirs and products.

It was agreed that the next meeting will discuss the sustainable upgrading of the hot springs.