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PNP Officers complete exposure and information visit to police training programs in Bavaria, Germany

Four Philippine National Police (PNP) officers recently came back from a six-week exposure and information visit to police training programs to the Second Stand-by Police Academy in Eichstätt (II. Bereitschaftspolizei Abteilung). The visit gave the officers strategic knowledge and exposed them to police training, recruitment, field training, and the full implementation of situational police operational procedures from reporting to the processing of a case. The PNP delegation observed both the theoretical and practical training exercises of Bavarian police recruits as these relate to: Self-Defense; Civil Disturbance Management; Police Operations; Human Rights Principles; and Proficiency; and Communication, Conflict and Stress Management. This is the first time that a team from the PNP was sent to observe and be exposed to police recruit training activities for a six-week period. With their return to the Philippines, they will not only to serve as trainers for other PNP officers but more importantly be able to contribute to the development and design of future PNP training programs.

Among several lessons learned by the PNP officers was the importance of the police officer establishing good communication, and conflict management skills while interacting with the “suspect," and how, if the person being arrested turns aggressive or displays violent behavior, the responding police officer can employ a wide range of non-lethal self-defense actions. Students play the role of responding police officers and are evaluated on how they exercise judgment on what techniques they employ. “Applying the principles of communication and conflict management, the responding officer will ensure that the “suspect” understands the consequences of his acts and what kind of action the police will take should the increased use of force become a necessity,” said Police Senior Superintendent Ildebrandi Usana, who headed the PNP delegation.

During their stay in Germany, the PNP officers were also able to share their experiences with their German counterparts. Police Superintendent Ildebrandi Usana gave a briefing on the PNP organization, how the police service in the Philippines came into being, the organization’s investment on human resource development, and various training courses being conducted. Other areas of interest related to recruitment, police behavior, use of force, salary, crime incidents, community relations, discipline, and police malfeasance. Usana also talked about the military dimension of policing in the Philippines. The other members of the delegation are Police Superintendent Datumama Mantawil Mokalid, Police Chief Inspector Alex Meimban Apolonio and Police Chief Inspector Wilfred Cruz Cervantes.