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Hanns Seidel Foundation South Africa

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Johannesburg | South Africa
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South African Crime & Justice Hub

The Crime & Justice Hub aims to be the single most comprehensive source of information and analysis on crime, criminal justice and crime prevention in South Africa. more ...

African Futures Project

The African Futures Project provides explicit and transparent forecasts for African leaders and institutions, allowing them to plan the future more systematically and effectively. more…

Capacity Building

South African municipalities are faced with unique challenges related to the history of the country such as poverty and inadequate infrastructure, among other things. It is of great importance to contribute to capacity building at the municipal level so as to improve municipal governance and public service provision. In light of the dramatic increase in service delivery protests throughout the country over the last few years, the improvement of governance and service delivery is seen as key to the development and stability of the country.

In collaboration with two partners, the HSF aims to tackle various angles of the challenges that municipalities are facing. The partnership with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) addresses municipal codes and by-laws, the training of municipal staff for appointment as peace officers (with the aim of implementing the municipal codes), as well as the training of local councilors and mayors in the following areas:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Rules of order and procurement
  • Oversight and delegations
  • Decisions and Discipline
  • Local Government Finance
  • The Constitution
  • The fight against corruption

The cooperation with the School of Public Leadership at the Stellenbosch University, on the other hand, provides focused mentoring support and advice by experts in local government to municipalities that need assistance with specific challenges. This tailor-made mentoring support complements the wide range of generic training opportunities available to officials in local government at different levels by addressing the unique circumstances of each municipality involved. 

 In the framework of the project, a publication entitled "Governing Good and Governing Well: Excellence in Municipal Service Delivery" was published.

Video introducing the Municipal Mentoring Project

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