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University of Stellenbosch

University of Stellenbosch School of Public Leadership

As populations across the world increase, there is a growing need for good governance to be married with the demands of environmental, social and economic challenges.

The School of Public Leadership (SPL) at Stellenbosch University (SU) provides solutions through unique graduate and postgraduate programmes that add public value. The SPL combines all three pillars of effective public leadership - good governance, environmental management and sustainable development - in one package. Rigorous research is the proven method of finding solutions to problems. 

Through its academic programmes and its links with business leaders, national and provincial governments as well as municipalities, the SPL is involved in policy development, management consulting, research, community interaction and project evaluation.

In this framework, SPL collaborates with HSF in building capacity for local government. A collaboration is currently underway in which experts in local government provide tailor-made mentoring support to municipalities that need assistance with specific challenges they face in the execution of their duties and the provision of public services.